4 Mistakes You Should Never Make

By January 27th, 2021Attitude and mindset

A few days ago we were interviewed by the 38 year network marketing veteran and legend Richard Bliss Brooke.

He is the author of the best selling books “4 Year Career” and “Mach II” – which have impacted thousands of people in our profession.

In the interview, Richard asked us about what we thought were the biggest mistakes we made on our journey to success.

Miguel and I shared 2 mistakes each.

These were honestly 4 of the biggest mistakes we made and we also see most network marketers fall into the same traps.


Sometimes we wish someone had warned us against making these four mistakes 10 years ago, when we first joined this profession.

It would have saved us time, energy and lots of sweat and tears!

Learn from our mistakes and shorten the path to achieving your purpose driven goals!

In the interview you will also hear how we got introduced to network marketing and WHY we originally joined.

Hint … It was 2005 and we were broke, tired and despite the great education we were looking for more… listen to the whole story:

Have a powerful start to the week!

Masa & Miguel
Pyjama Bosses